Ryan is a queer dude who resides in the Seattle area with his boyfriend and 2 dogs! He's an avid supporter of diversity and inclusiveness in media and tries to incorporate those beliefs into his work!

His work is primarily centered around comics and concept art.
Upcoming Works
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Lander is the story of a misfit crew knit together by the young heiress Ora Tillan. Their path to coveted victory in the newly celebrated space arena games is marked with dark, unyielding secrets which will alter the planet of Ruin forever. In the light of their utopia crumbling where can the truth be found and who can be trusted to wield it?

Lander is currently under rework.

Read the first iteration here

(26 pages)

Lander First Iteration
Lander Rework

Join Isaac and Andre as they compete in a collegiate wrestling match and relive their hookup from the night before!

Friction is a M/M Wrestling Porn Comic. The pages of this comic are designed for adults only and may include pictures or materials that some viewers may find offensive.

If you are under the age of 18 get out of here…. Like right now…

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Upcoming works

Sunburn is an erotic comic drawn and made by Ryan M about a young CEO and his private jet pilot getting stranded on a desert island. Through their struggle they learn to survive and more importantly learn about themselves.


Spring 2018


Hard Drive Volume 2 is an upcoming comic to be funded on Kickstarter, based off the well-received first volume. Join the crew of the starship Bermuda as their adventure continues into the world of cyber crime and lesbians.


Winter 2018

An upcoming webcomic about two Frat Bros who find themselves searching for the Chupacabra (and their missing Bro) during a spring break trip in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Lines by:
Ryan M (me)

Colors by:
Rory Green

Story by
Sophie Gimble, Rory Green, and Ryan M (me)


Spring 2019